Sana Botanicals Pura tinctures were developed specifically for individuals who are either concerned about the possibility of failing a drug screen or want to administer a THC-free option to their children. All Pura concentrations are THC-free because they contain highly concentrated CBD isolate suspended in organic hemp seed oil. Unlike our Essentials line, Pura does not contain essential oils. The Pura line consists of three different concentrations; 300mg600mg and 1200mg.


A gentle concentration of THC free hemp extract in organic hemp seed oil formulated to maximize your ability to re-center through the reduction of acute discomfort, stress, and distractions from an overactive mind.


A modest concentration of THC free hemp extract in organic hemp seed oil formulated to deliver a rapid reduction in chronic discomfort, stress, and anxiety.


A robust concentration of hemp extract in organic hemp seed oil, specifically formulated with a potency specifically intended to reinstate the body’s ability to heal and rest soundly.


Ingredients: 300mg of highly concentrated and refined hemp extract, blended with organic hemp seed oil. Our Pura line of tinctures does not contain any THC.