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Did You Sleep Last Night?

For the first time in a while, I slept last night. I mean that FULL nights sleep that seems to be the most important thing our body needs, but our minds do not.

Something that we take for granted until the inevitable happens (we grow up) is sleep. Losing sleep is brought on by lots of different reasons. Some of the reasons we lose sleep we don’t even consider, but that doesn’t matter until it’s time for bed, and your mind will not allow it.

I have my beliefs on why I cannot sleep. Since I stopped taking prescription meds for anxiety (that made me fall asleep), I just can’t. What chemical imbalance did Big Pharma cause me to have? Because it sure didn’t help, MUCH LESS FIX anything.

For whatever reason you cannot sleep, would you believe it could be as easy as taking CBD? I mean that easy! Pop a gummy, take a CBD supplement, or take a dose of the sublingual oils. From the second CBD enters your system, it starts assisting your body reach a state of balance, and then tonight comes peaceful sleeping.

Gummies or Edibles are probably the most efficient way to get a quick restful night using CBD. However, lots of people say smoking or vaping helps relax them. When eating CBD, you take anywhere from 10mg to however many milligrams you want. IT WILL NOT HURT YOU TO TAKE MORE. I usually recommend a higher dose for sleep (50-60mg), which would mean eating multiple gummies that are a lower dose or using something such as a CBD tea, which tends to have a higher dose of CBD for sleep.

Everybody is different. So play with your dosage. CBD is not something that will make you groggy the next day for consuming more, so by all means, eat an extra if you feel it will help.

After you decide if CBD is the route you want to take, your next step is switching from gummies/teas to a sublingual (under the tongue) oil, or a CBD capsule. Or you can do both! A sublingual oil or capsule is more efficient and lasts much longer. However, it may take longer to get into your system (up to two weeks); this is why I recommend starting with edibles. There are even edibles specifically for sleep, which have other ingredients such as Melatonin.

You can get a sublingual oil that has a hemp seed oil base (the best carrier oil for sleep), or you can go as far as finding an isolate (where specific cannabinoids are isolated) like CBN for sleep. CBN (or as I say CBNightime) is an isolated cannabinoid that is specifically used for sleep. CBN is still a new thing for CBD retailers and isn’t as easily found as other CBD products.

Capsules are often sought out for sleep issues because some of them have higher doses, and provide other supplements that can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Capsules are where I’ve found the best nighttime CBD for myself. I take a higher dose 30 minutes before bed (50mg). I also get anxiety relief in the morning since I took my CBD at night.

Honestly, your best option is to come into a reliable CBD retailer and have an expert help you pick out what will work for you. There is no wrong way to take CBD, and there is no limit to how much you can take. You do not have to see a doctor every six weeks to make sure the medication is working and not having adverse side effects because there are none.

Still, I have compiled a list of wonderful CBD products that promote Healthy Sleep and relaxation:

  • Pure Relief Gummies PM (with Melatonin) – 30mg each, 30 count bag
  • Apothecary Brothers Tea – around 40-60mg each, 3 tea bags
  • Hemplucid Hemp Seed Oil Sublingual Tincture – starts at 250mg per bottle
  • Original Hemp Sleep Capsules – 2pk or 60 count bottle (25mg per serving)
  • CBRx CBN Sublingual – 500mg bottle, 30ml
  • Hemprana PM CBN Drops – 200/200 CBN/CBD mixture
  • Medterra Sleeping Tablets – 25mg, 30 count bottle
  • Apothecary Brothers Sleep Aid Capsules – 21ct or 50ct 
  • Wyld CBD & CBN Night-Time Elderberry Gummies – 2 sizes 


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