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Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol

Delta 8

There are 120+ cannabinoids in cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. The human body actually produces cannabinoids on its own, but it just isn’t enough to ‘fix’ us naturally. The most common cannabinoid that we’ve all heard or read about is Delta 9 THC. But have you heard about Delta 9’s sister compound?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or Delta 9 THC is the cannabinoid known for thousands of years to treat hundreds of ailments, but is also very well known for getting the user high. THC has proven useful for relief from ailments such as nausea, pain, sleep disorders, and many other issues, but unfortunately prohibited in the United States in 1937.

Over 50 years have passed, and the United States is still prohibiting the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes (and obviously recreational use) in the majority of the states. However, in recent years the popularity of other cannabinoids found in cannabis is deeming essential to conditions that Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC) was once used for.

The best part about these other ‘sister cannabinoids’ is that they do not alter the users state of mind, or cause a psychoactive effect, but give abundant relief to said illness. The most common medicinal cannabinoid is cannabidiol or CBD.

Going one step further, scientists are pulling cannabinoids from the cannabis plant that we had no idea existed. There are over 120 different cannabinoids in cannabis, and each and every one do different things to the consumer. Some other common cannabinoids are CBG, CBN, and CBC.

Still, in legal states, the cannabis plants that are more commonly sought after are Delta 9 THC. In 2018 CBD sales were around $238 million dollars (CBD is legal in all states). In 2018 THC sales were closer to $10 BILLION dollars, definitely making Tetrahydrocannabinol the more popular choice among Americans. There are 11 states with fully legal marijuana, and 22 states with medicinal marijuana.

As it turns out, our beloved Delta 9 THC has a sister compound, whom we call DELTA 8. It is only slightly different from its psychoactive sister, by a single chemical bond. But it has an entirely different profile. The benefits from Delta 8 are convenient, and you guessed it, legal.

Delta 8 is not as common as Delta 9 in the cannabis plant, so through special extraction methods and cannabis breeding, chemists have found a way to concentrate Delta 9 into a high potency oil isolate. Delta 8 experiments have been in the works for many years, and many discoveries have been made. In 1975 researches discovered it could shrink cancer tumors in lab rats. In 1995 Delta 8 was administered to cancer patients who were suffering from nausea, and had a 100% success rate with over 480 patients!

Delta 8 could possibly affect a different set of cannabinoid receptors in the body, which may be behind the reasoning of that compound not causing a stoned feeling. Many patients report that Delta 8 gives its users an overall sense of well-being because the receptors involved are associated with homeostasis (the body’s natural resting state). Other users of Delta 8 have reported feeling relaxed, energized, and clear headed. Some have even mentioned that Delta 8 has eliminated forms of nausea that come from alcohol hangovers.

Even more impressive, some research suggests that Delta 8 THC helps patients produce Acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for cognition, memory, arousal, and neuroplasticity. A few more suggestions for Delta 8 use are:

  • Anxiety Management
  • People recovering from a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • People who’ve had little relief from CBD
  • Low tolerance for Delta 9 THC
  • Nausea or Lack of Appetite
  • Someone struggling with low libido
  • Menstrual Pain and Cramping
  • Hangovers

Delta 8 popularity is on the rise, and in high demand. Whether it is for you, or not, you will have to be the judge. Finding the right cannabinoids for your body is trial and error, and what works for me, might not work for you. Each and every cannabinoid affects everyone differently. Are you looking for that particular cannabinoid that does not alter your state of mind, but delivers adequate relief? 

Out of 120+ cannabinoids, is Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol for you? 


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