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CBD + Women AND Sexual Health

 Women + CBD

Hemp is a very special plant that has thousands of uses. It shows no favoritism. It can be made into clothing, building materials, and medicine. It can help men and women. Adults and children. Its benefits range from relief from serious conditions like epilepsy, to more common issues like headaches.

One fantastic benefit is hemp’s ability to support ALL parts of a woman’s body. From functionality to prevention. The chemical CBD that is very abundant in the hemp plant is extracted and made into different routes of consumption. Women have many options for CBD products that will aid her body and mind.

Once you have CBD in your system, it begins it’s mending process by sending more cannabinoids to a system of receptors called the endocannabinoid system or the ECS. They are located all throughout the body. These signals help reduce pain and inflammation, as well as anxiety and depression. These are naturally occurring chemicals that your body produces. CBD is even found in breastmilk!

By reducing pain and inflammation, CBD is great for lessening menstrual cramps and other symptoms you may experience during PMS. CBD is great for relieving headache pain especially during periods, and diminishing anxiety and moodiness. CBD actually targets the same enzymes that ibuprofen targets in the body.

CBD is great for inflammatory conditions that may not be associated with PMS, but may be related to women’s specific anatomy. Endocannabinoid receptors are strategically placed in the body where they can exert control. 

CBD is known to help with fertility,  is found naturally in sperm and in the reproductive organs. Cannabinoids play a vital role in pregnancy and childbirth. It helps to mediate sensations, control inflammation, influence hormone secretion, and facilitates energy usage in muscles. Applying CBD directly to sexual organs increases blood flow without any mental effects. It increases pleasure and helps prevent pain from intercourse.

Breast Tenderness caused by PMS or pregnancy are easily soothed with topical CBD creams and lotions. CBD will help with dry skin, chapped nipples, and stretch marks. It works wonderful for keeping skin and hair healthy. There are lots of topical creams with natural ingredients, for sensitive skin or sensitive areas. 

When estrogen levels drop in women during menopause, CBD can be very useful. CBD helps with hormonal balance and low libido. CBD increases estrogen levels which deals with everything from mood, sexual arousal (or FSAD), bone formation and osteoporosis and vaginal dryness.

In short, CBD helps a woman’s body conquer any ailments and conditions that life may throw at it. Whether the condition is mental or physical, CBD works for the benefit of the woman’s body earnestly.


Here are some links to Charlotte CBD’s Products that help specifically for women and/or sex – use code SEXANDCBD25 for 25% Off any of the following products for CBD Sexual Health!!

CBD Intimate Lube (Can be used as a lubricant or massage oil) 

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