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Pure Relief Pre Roll Hemp Joint

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The smell of this indica strain is one you’ll remember. Our Banana Punch pure hemp flower contains 14% CBD/wt, meaning each roll contains 140mg of quality CBD. When you open up a package of this indica strain, you will be hit with sweet aromas that are recollective of bananas and a world of fruity smells. Thanks to its soothing effects, Pure Relief’s Banana Punch rolls have been described as tranquillizing and is ideal for those in need of relief after a long stressful day.


Strain-Specific Concentration-by-weight: 16% CBD

When it comes to taste and aroma, this bright green indica strain really lives up to its name. In addition to its distinctive sweet notes, this strain is also known for its relaxing and soothing properties, so if you are feeling lazy on a Sunday afternoon, our Sour Apple relief rolls are the perfect option. Each Pure Relief Sour Apple relief roll contains 160mg of CBD.


Strain-Specific Concentration-by-weight: 16% CBD

With its grape candy aroma, this strain is famous for its invigorating effects that stimulate the body and mind. Pure Relief’s Purple Punch relief rolls pack 160 mg of CBD in a top-shelf preroll made with all organic ingredients. Due to its uplifting properties, this indica strain is an excellent option for those needing a helping hand in managing stress or fatigue.


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Melonade is a delightful strain that exudes a fruity watermelon scent and produces fuzzy-looking buds with loads of trichomes and orange pistils. Its smell isn’t as sour as either of its two parents (Watermelon Skittles & Lemon Tree), which can be suitable for individuals looking for a strain with a fainter scent. Thanks to its calming effects, Melonade has been characterized as uplifting, allowing negativity to be rescinded after a long and arduous day.


The aroma of this strain is quite earthy with a slightly bitter and tangy citrus tone. Our Lemon Fuel OG pure hemp flower contains 14% CBD/wt, meaning that each roll contains 140mg of quality CBD. Furthermore, Lemon Fuel OG buds have a luscious citrus flavor with a tinge of fruity wood upon every exhale. A strain like this one is fitting for individuals looking to ease their anxiety. Additionally, if needed, it is highly effective at inducing hunger.