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Who doesn’t like a piece of hemp hard candy to satisfy the occasional sweet tooth? Our CBD Hard Candy will curb the craving with an extra punch – our high potency CBD extract in every delicious nugget. From Blue Raspberry to Caramel Apple Pie, the unexpected Cartoon Cereal Crunch to the brightness of our Pomegranate Lemonade, expect your senses to be on overtime with delight.

If you’ve tried the rest, now it’s time to try the best — taste Cannabinoid Creations flavors in the form of our signature hex-shaped hard candy.  These bite-sized morsels provide a mouthful of flavor and administer the perfect dose of CBD in each serving. Try our CBD Hard Candy, and get started on your own personal snacking journey...

Cannabinoid Creations uses only the finest industrial hemp to infuse all of our Hard Candy products, yielding the highest quality CBD in everything we make – that’s why We’re CBDifferent!

  • 4 pieces per package: net wt. 15g
  • Strength: Available in 60 mg of CBD
  • CBD Hard Candy is proudly Made in USA
  • 100% nut, soy, dairy and gluten free

Safe, legal and effective without a prescription in all 50 states – order your CBD Hard Candy today.

Serving Size:

Net. Wt. 18g (4 Pieces Per Package)
Individual Serving Size: 1 Piece (4.5g)


Pure Cane Sugar, Water, Natural Corn Syrup, Natural and/or Artificial Flavor and Color, Cannabidiol (Ultra Strength: 60 mg CBD). May also contain Citric Acid.

This Product is Nut, Soy, Dairy & Gluten-free!


The taste sensation of a bright summer’s day can be right on the tip of your tongue with our Pomegranate Lemonade CBD Hard Candy. Sweet to tart, and then sweet again, this full-flavored fruity enjoyment will keep your mouth watering for more. All of the flavor impact you have come to expect of our natural cannabinoids. Enjoy a tall drink of lemonade with a subtle infusion of pomegranate in a single bite, and let the healing feeling wash over you like a warm summer day.


Delight your palette with a burst of Blue Raspberry CBD Hard Candy, already the new classic for Cannabinoid Creations CBD Hard Candy line! The complex flavor of luscious, ripe blueberries comingles with sweet, juicy seasonal raspberries to yield fruitful nectar in every nugget. Whether you’re hiking the trail or binge watching Willy Wonka, your mouth will beg for piece after piece as you relax into your CBD experience.


There’s nothing quite as American as apple pie, but our Caramel Apple Pie CBD Hard Candy is nothing like mom ever made!  You get all of the gooey caramel richness with the crisp, tart undertones of a green apple literally bursting in your mouth – you can almost taste it now, can’t you? Whether you’re stationary snacking or grabbing a quick hit on-the-go, let the depth of flavor in our CBD Hard Candy take hold of your every sensation. Satisfied snacking guaranteed.


You fondly recall watching cartoons with that big bowl of cereal…well, our Cartoon Cereal Crunch CBD Hard Candy is an homage to that special time. Let this truly unique flavor take you right back to childhood and that oh-so-happy place with our Cartoon Cereal Crunch. It’s time to tee up your favorite shows from yesteryear and get your Scooby Snacks on with a little help from Cannabinoid Creations.