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Never again mold or dried medicinal herbs – thanks to the humidity packs of ‘Boveda’!

When storing cannabis, it is important to maintain an optimal and constant level of humidity that is neither too high nor too low. This is the only way to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the flowers, even during prolonged storage.

‘Boveda’ is a 2-way humidity control which on the one hand removes too much moisture, but on the other hand also gives off moisture when needed. This works by the natural principle of osmosis:

Each ‘Boveda’ pack contains a bag of natural salts and a bag of pure water. Both bags are connected with a permeable membrane. Thus, the salts and water can travel through the membrane, absorbing moisture as needed, or releasing the required amount of moisture. This regulation keeps the relative humidity in the storage box constant, either at 58%, or at 62% – both values ​​are ideal for cannabis flowers.

And the application of the moisture regulator is more than easy: just put the ‘Boveda’ pack in the storage tin! When the pack gets hard, it’s time to replace it. The more packs are used in a storage box, the longer they last. But do not worry, the ‘Boveda’ packs never release too much moisture!

Boveda bag weight packages in grams are intended for the following quantities of dry matter:

1g for up to 3.5g
4g for up to 14g
8g for up to 28g
67g for up to 450g
320g for 2250g

For that, the herbs are gently dried, develop their best flavour, remain effective, and burn off excellently!

Made in the USA.

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