CBD and Good Vibes

Not often in human history do we have a ‘good time,’ whilst feeling bad. Anxiety can cripple us to the point where we want to hide under the covers, far away from the light; and oftentimes others. Pain takes over your mind and body, at times incapacitating you-as it invades each one of your thoughts. Insomnia keeps us up at night, and we eventually fall victim to the next day, ill-prepared and in worse shape than the previous. Days compound, turning into weeks and then months. 

Being unwell can lead to overwhelming emotions. Whether you’re tired and irritable, from no sleep- nervous and nauseous from anxiety, overwhelmed, and depressed from the pain, the underlying origin can be reduced by using one lifestyle change, adding CBD into your daily routine.

It cannot be as simple as that, though, can it? Well, yes, it really could. Once you’ve found the right routes for you or ways to ingest CBD, you’ll be surprised just how many issues CBD can help you manage. Finding that sweet spot is part of the whole CBD process as everyone is different, so it tends to be trial and error finding the exact products and dosages that work for you.

That sweet spot can be recognized in just a few weeks, but more often than not, you’ve been taking CBD for at least a month when this begins to be realized. This amount of time has given your body time to adjust to regularly having CBD, and things just seem to start falling into place.  Your regimen may be only a sublingual oil, or you may benefit more from a capsule and a daily gummy, or a cup of CBD hibiscus tea, and topical pain cream.  Whatever that maybe, you will be well on your way to feeling much better. 

And so are those around you.

We often realize very little about how our mood is affecting those around us. Not even just our mood, but our all-over well-being.   all can probably think back on a time where our mood and overall attitude was influenced by someone we were around, because of a condition or situation. Whether it’s a sick loved one, making you sad or music someone has made, injecting you with feelings of energy and happiness. It could be as little as a lollipop given to a child; the point is, the entire mood of the day can be altered based on someone else’s influence or your influence in their life.

The fact is, if you FEEL BETTER, the energy you carry will be more positive, lighting a path for others to come out of the dark. The vibes you walk around with may just be what someone needed today. And all it took for YOU to feel better is CBD.

First, you need to identify your problems. Do research. See if anyone has had success with CBD and your particular ailment. Go to a reputable distributor and talk with someone educated. Try new things, get your life back on track, and take CBD EVERY DAY.

Do it for your children, your mom, or maybe your best friend. You cannot fix someone else without first fixing yourself. Get well, get to feeling better, and make sure your energy is pure and positive. Do it for yourself, and others will feel it too as they naturally follow suit. Doesn’t it sound nice to sit back and be able to relax, as you watch this butterfly effect emanate from your positive mindset?


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